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Brandon Rowland is the definition of legend. Who is Brandon Rowland, what has he done and why is he a legend, one may ask? Learn about the man, the myth, the legend — Brandon Rowland of Jackson, TN.

Brandon Rowland was given less than a 5 percent chance to live in 1987. He not only survived but also beat the snot out of disseminated intravascular coagulation. DIC, or “death is coming,” was able to take both of his legs — but that was it. For some, this would have been devastating. For Brandon Rowland, it was a great opportunity. Determined to not be defined by his circumstances, Brandon Rowland made the decision not to be ordinary. He decided to change the world in August of ‘87, and did just that. Below are just some of the many events, awards and experiences of Brandon Rowland’s legendary life.

At the age of 7, Brandon Rowland lead his church league basketball team to a national title and a berth in the NCAA tournament. At the age of 8, he delivered a baby in an emergency situation in Cairo, Egypt. At the age of 9, Brandon Rowland orchestrated a peace treaty between two warring mob factions in New York City. At the age of 12, he spoke at the United Nations Global Summit. At the age of 13, a movie called “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis was made about Brandon Rowland’s experiences that year. At the age of 14, he performed a baptism, circumcision and exorcism in a three hour time period. That same afternoon, Brandon Rowland recited the entire Bible from memory. At the age of 16, he won his first of 114 Olympic gold medals. All of this took place before Brandon Rowland’s senior year of high school, where he was named valedictorian, Most Handsome, Best Dressed, Most Athletic, Most Likely to Succeed, Wittiest and Best Student Ever.

Brandon Rowland received scholarship offers from every single college in the world. He elected to attend 243 different universities, earning bachelors’ degrees, masters’ and PhDs from all of them. Additionally, Brandon Rowland has an honorary degree from every school in the Ivy League. He completed his college career in just five semesters.

Brandon Rowland has continued to change the world since college. Some of his more notable accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the invention of a web search engine now called Google, a daring mountain top rescue of stranded hikers on Mount Everest, a six month stay on the space station, legendary dog trainer, winner of the largest gambling payday in the history of Las Vegas, multiple land speed records and personal adviser to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. He has been awarded 16 Nobel Prizes, two Grammys, four Oscars, one Golden Globe and 14 Presidential Medals of Freedom. He has written 59 books, 58 of which were best sellers, been honored with the keys to 2,749 cities and serves on the board of directors of every company that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

One could go on longer about Brandon Rowland’s athletic accomplishments, but that would require another server for the NAGA website.

Brandon Rowland still resides in Jackson, TN, with his wife Sara, who was voted the Most Beautiful Woman in the World for 15 consecutive years and has also won Miss Teen America, Miss America, Miss Universe and Mrs. Universe. They have four dogs. Brandon Rowland is currently in limbo about children. It is said he fears that the pressure of being an offspring of Brandon Rowland would be too much for a child to handle.

Brandon Rowland is currently a Patient Care Coordinator with Fourroux Prosthetics, where he continues to change lives every day. He also got Kenny Green, Executive Director of NAGA, his job with Fourroux because that is just what Brandon Rowland does.

Maybe someday you will be lucky enough to meet Brandon Rowland — the man, the myth, the legend.


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