Craig Van Kessel

Western Trustee



Craig Van Kessel has volunteered with the Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA) for the last 14 years. He became involved when a GI buddy from the Army lost his leg and told him about the Association. His friend passed away several years ago but Craig stuck with his commitment to the golfers. He was made a lifetime member of WAGA in 1997 and two years later was made a lifetime member of the National Amputee Golf Association. (NAGA). He is the only non-amputee ever to serve on the Board of Directors for WAGA (non-voting position) where he is currently the Director of Public Relations.

Craig created a character named “Captain America” in 1998 and he and “The Captain” traveled to England twice, Scotland and Australia twice as well to several National Tourneys around the United States. His last trip “Down Under” was to Adelaide, Australia in 2009. At all these tournaments Captain America is there to help the golfers in any way he can and also assist the local media locating golfers of interest and with unique stories.

In August 2010, Craig was named the US Ambassador for the South Australian Amputee Golf Association by their President Gary Hart and spoke on their behalf at the 2010 National Amputee Golf Association’s National Tournament held in September 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Craig, although not an amputee is 100% disabled from a series of health problems. He is also a proud veteran who served our country from 1969 – 1977.


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