Deryck Jernigan

Southwestern Trustee


Since 2010, Deryck began volunteering his time and resources by bringing a single Solorider Adaptive Golf Carts to his local Dallas area fundraisers, events and tournaments for the adaptive community. His hope was to make someone’s day just a little brighter.

The next year, with only a few weeks notice, he committed to drive almost 900 miles away just so a single person, who he’d never met in person, was able to compete in the NAGA Nationals event that year which resulted in ….“I met the greatest group of people and that’s what hooked me” he says .

“I’m NOT a salesman, I’m an advocate for adaptive golf” is the way he puts his position at the company. And as the Director for the Solorider Division of Regal Research and Mfg. Co. he uses any excuse to learn more about how people cope with their physical challenges in life.

He’s now considered a regular fixture and dutiful volunteer at all SWAGA (Southwest Amputee Golf Assoc.) events and eagerly plans his yearly vacations to include driving his small fleet of six adaptive golf carts to cheerfully volunteer at NAGA Nationals, wherever in North America they may be next.


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