Jim McElhiney

Southern Trustee

Email: prolegman@aol.com
Phone: (615) 943-5836


After an anchor chain accident in the Navy, Jim turned becoming an amputee into a long career in making prosthetics. He has worked for a few clinics in the Nashville, Tennessee, area including the Hanger Clinics for the last 50 years. He has a passion to help his patients because of everything he has been through himself. Jim didn’t take up golf until after completing a successful track and field career in the shot put and discus. He was able to compete in three Paralympics, the last in Barcelona in 1992. On top of the Paralympics, he won three world championships. Being in the south has allowed Jim to not only participate in many of the regional events there, but he has hosted several southern regional championships as well. Jim currently resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his lovely wife Judy.


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