How to set up a First Swing

Sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust and the PGA of America Foundation.

Instructional manuals provided by the Professional Golfers of America Junior Golf Foundation.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide therapists (PT’s, OT’s, & RT’s), recreational instructors, golf coaches and golf professionals with a very basic working knowledge of the golf swing so that they will be able to utilize this understanding to demonstrate the use of the golf club as a “tool” for recreational rehabilitation.
  2. To provide clinical therapists and golf professionals with information about available adaptive golf equipment and how existing equipment can be modified for use by the disabled community.
  3. To demonstrate how this program can be utilized at various facilities both indoors and outdoors.
  4. To provide golf instruction and information to disabled individuals and their families. This program is for anyone, young or old, male or female, in your community, clinic or hospital that is facing or has experienced a disability.

If you are interested in hosting this program, please contact:

National Amputee Golf Association  (NAGA)

Adam Benza 

1886 Mill Run Ct.

Hellertown, Pa. 18055 


“First Swing” National Program Coordinator


This program has been presented at over 400 sites throughout the United States and Canada, providing instructional insight to more than 2,000 therapists & golf professionals and 9,000 disabled individuals.

How to establish a First Swing Seminar

  1. The First Swing is a two-day program, dealing with Seminar Instruction, Practical Applications, and a “Learn To Golf” Clinic. It can be scheduled for a one- or one-and-a-half-day event.
  2. Any facility or organization, Hospital, Rehabilitation Center, Prosthetic Firm, Fraternal Organization, Park Authority or Golf Course can be the host for the program. With the attached sheets that outline the basics of the program, you can contact organizations in your area to ascertain their interest in the program. We do not provide the program as an “exclusive” for any one facility.As the host organization, basic requirements are:
    • Establish the dates for the program. Allow for flexibility with regard to scheduling of instructors on NAGA’s part.
    • Create a Flyer/Mailer (we can provide examples) that will be sent out at the host’s expense to other organizations and disabled individuals in roughly a 100-mile radius.
    • Secure a location for the classroom portion of the program and a golf driving range (with grass available) for the actual swing phase of the clinic. If inclement weather is anticipated, an indoor or covered outdoor facility can be used.
    • Contact local PGA/LPGA Golf Professionals. Those who attend the clinic will receive CEU’s for their educational needs. CEU’s for Therapists are the responsibility of the host organization representative. ATRA CEU’s will be handled by the NAGA.
  3. With the exception of administrative overhead, printing and mailing costs associated with the flyer, our experience has been that organizations have been able to have associated cost items donated (food – range balls – caps – shirts – etc.)NOTE: The cost of bringing the First Swing Clinic to a host site is ZERO.
    Travel, lodging, and meals for the instructors are funded through the NAGA “First Swing” budget. Organizations may charge professionals a nominal fee to cover costs of lunch plus the CEU certification fee. We ask that the Disabled Community NOT be charged so as to encourage their participation.
  4. The NAGA Program Coordinator should be kept informed as to the possibility of a “First Swing” program being established for scheduling purposes. It is requested that if you are going to solicit a “First Swing” program for the first time that you plan the event for the following year. The schedule for your event is normally set by November 1st for the following year so that required funding can be obtained. We ask also that you schedule your event during the time of year in your region that assures outdoor activity at the Driving Range reasonably warm weather (65+ degrees). With current staffing we may not be able to accommodate unscheduled programs on short notice.
  5. Adam Benza, National Program Coordinator, will assist any organization with program planning and any special needs. He can be reached through the National Amputee Golf Association at 610-360-2640; Email –

The “First Swing” Seminar & Clinic Program can be scheduled for one full day, a day-and-a-half or two days. Many sites are finding that it is difficult to obtain golf professionals and/or therapists to commit to two full days. The day-and-a-half program works equally as well as the two-day program. It simply is a more intensive use of time, and must be scheduled earlier in the day and continue through a full day’s time, usually from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm. Many of the professionals find it easier to get away from their busy work schedules for one day than for two days. We ask that one-and-a-half-day or two-day clinics be conducted Friday AND Saturday. This allows the instructional staff the opportunity to make necessary travel arrangements.

Outline of NAGA’s “First Swing” Program

Typical Two-Day Clinic

The First Day. Introduction of instructors, participants and reason/history behind the “First Swing” Program. Discussion by participants in terms of insight into what they hope to gain from the program. Determine who has played golf, or swung a golf club at a driving range, so as to gain a feel as to what level of understanding is to be accommodated.

Instruction in five major areas of the clinic:

  1. How to Hold the Golf Club (Grip)
  2. How to Take a Stance (In Balance) Wheelchair, Single Rider Golf Car
  3. How to Swing the Golf Club
  4. Safety Issues
  5. The Impact of ADA

Demonstration of Adaptive Equipment
Questions Welcome Anytime Throughout the Program

The afternoon will be spent providing instruction to those in attendance so that they will feel comfortable in giving instruction to the Disabled who will be participating the next day. Therapists will be encouraged to attempt to hit the golf ball imitating those challenged who will be in attendance, i.e., Standing on One Leg, Swinging with One Hand or Seated in a Wheelchair.

The Second Day. During this time, the disabled individuals will be present for instruction. Therapists will be expected to teach these individuals “on-the-job training,” supported by the instructors. If there are large numbers of disabled in attendance (30+), you may wish to split ambulatory and non-ambulatory between the two sessions. Any way you desire to set it up will be fine.

General Guidelines for a First Swing Seminar & Clinic

  1. All pamphlets, flyers and advertising must include references to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust and PGA Foundation as Sponsors for this event. Through grants from these organizations, we are able to bring this program to you. Also to be included as a sponsor is the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) and any other Association which contributes to the success of the event. The PGA provides the curriculum manuals (1 set per participating facility). The manuals and the NAGA program outline and handout are copyright protected.
  2. All advertising of this event is to be cleared through NAGA to insure correctness of copy prior to release. If the event is to be covered by the media (visual or print), please keep us advised and insure that the representative(s) of the NAGA will meet with them either prior to, during or after the event. Non media coverage – specifically video recording – of the event must be cleared through NAGA 10 days prior to the event.
  3. As the host for the event, you have our sincere thanks and hope that the program will help in providing meaningful recreational activity for those participating. This includes the professionals as well as the Disabled population. You, as well as other businesses and/or individuals that provide support for this program, may take credit as cosponsors or hosts. It is hoped that costs, if any, to participants be kept at a minimum.
  4. It is requested that copies of all materials generated for promotion of the First Swing/Clinic program be provided to NAGA for its records.Suggested guidelines for attendance in order to make your program worth the expense as the hosting facility:
    Minimum*5 Professionals10 Disabled
    Maximum*100 Professionals 200 Disabled

    *We request, if at all possible, that the number of participants planning to attend by category be reported to the Program Instructor at least 15 days prior to the event.  This will give us the time required to provide additional instructors, if needed, and consider a cancellation of the event should the numbers not prove to be acceptable.

  5. Again, this program is for everyone. We will not provide this program as an “exclusive” for any one facility, association or organization.
  6. NAGA reserves the right to cancel any Seminar/Clinic for any of the above reasons or due to sickness, instructor non-availability, Mother Nature, etc.

Thank you very much for your interest in this program. We look forward to working with you to help you host a successful “First Swing’/Learn to Golf” Seminar/Clinic.  Please contact us at anytime to discuss a “First Swing” opportunity.


Adam Benza
Executive Director NAGA
National First Swing Coordinator // Instructor