Tracy Ramin

Co-Executive Director

Phone: (810) 247-3301

Tracy Ramin born February 9, 1970 to his parents are saying and Vicki Ramin were married for 40 years my daughter Jules and my son Cruz Ramin have always kept me moving forward.

I’ve been a golf teaching professional for 15 years I am working at teaching adaptive golf for the better part of 20 Years.

October 9, 1998 I was in a tragic accident I was hit as a pedestrian picking a 40 foot extension ladder up off the highway. I got out looked it was clear I bent down to pick the letter up and Boom! lights out

I was hit by a 86 Chevy pick up doing 80 miles an hour I flew 100+ yards my father fell on my ankle bones on the road the next day I had a hole in my side so big it can fit a baseball I broke my jaw into spots I broke my right leg severely dislocated my shoulder lost all my blood +2 pints was in a coma for a week with 2% chance to live out of hospital 24 days played golf three months later every day’s a good day

I have been competing in the NAGA championship since 2007! The friendships have been priceless! The competition is a driving force with the recovery after my accident.

As ED I plan to strengthen and grow the organization. To exceed all expectations. As well as strengthen the board and  improve communication

I started a mission back in 1998 for Adaptive golf, It wasn’t until 2012 that everything became clear. After going to South Africa to compete in the Paralympic style Event. When I came home with the mission make Golf a Paralympic sport. With many ups and downs over the years we’ve assembled a very strong team to help achieve this goal through our various contacts, organizations and collaborative effort from passionate others from around the world. It is our goal to get Golf in to the Paralympics, God willing

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