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  Kenny Greene, Executive Director
Kenny Greene
Executive Director
Phone: (615)-967-4555

Kenny has been a left BK amputee since birth due to a congenital birth defect. Kenny picked up golf as a teenager and went on to play for his high school, in college at Middle Tennessee State University, and turned it into an early career choice by becoming an assistant golf professional at Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, TN. Vanderbilt Legends Club was also where he got started with NAGA in 2002 when the National Championships were conducted there. Kenny would go on to win the National Championship that year and defend his title for the next four years. Kenny has also participated in the International Cup Matches on several occasions including being selected as the captain in 2006. He has been active in amputee golf by playing in many regional amputee events, the Canadian Amputee Championships, and other international events including the Japan Disabled Open. After hosting the 2010 Championships he decided to move past just participating in events and become more involved by becoming the Executive Director in 2013. Outside of golf Kenny works as a patient care coordinator for Fourroux prosthetics. On top of golf he enjoys running in 1/2 marathons and is the secretary for another charity called Amputee Blade Runners. He is married to his incredible wife Christie Green and they have one son named Aiden Green.

Virgil Price, Treasurer
Virgil Price
Phone: (727)-217-9354

Virgil Price has been a member of the National Amputee Golf Association for 13 years and is a Life Member. He is also a member of the Southern Amputee Golf Association and the Eastern Amputee Golf Association. He is a right below knee amputee. He has lived in Florida since 1972. He was also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Southern Amputee Golf Association for three years. He is retired from the military and enjoys golf and bicycle riding. He presently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  Bob Wilson, Consultant
Bob Wilson
Phone: (603)-672-1156

Robert C. "Bob" Wilson lost both legs below the knee in an accident while serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk in February 1974. An avid golfer before the accident, Bob joined NAGA in 1979 and was selected by the Board for the position of Executive Secretary. He was promoted to the position of Executive Director in 1986 and held the position until 1995. Bob was reelected to the Director's position in August 2000. "If I can help just one amputee to a better life through participation in golf, that fact alone just makes my day!" Bob and his wife Nancy reside in New Hampshire.


Kellie Valentine, Eastern Trustee
Kellie Valentine

Kellie Valentine - McKean, PA Kellie became an amputee following an automobile accident which resulted in the loss of her right arm above the elbow in 1993. She has been a member of the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) for 15 years, starting in 1996. She has accumulated 27 EAGA Tournament titles including 11 Eastern Regional Championships. She actively participates in the NAGA National Championships each year and has been selected several times as a member of the USA Team for the College Park Cup (Amputee Ryder Cup) serving as Captain in 2005. Kellie was instrumental in reviving the Great Lakes Amputee Open in 1999 running that event for three years. In 2001, she was nominated and elected to serve on the EAGA Board of Officers as Vice-President. She has been a wonderful ambassador for the EAGA lending a hand at various events helping the disabled community. In 2010, Kellie was honored with her induction into the EAGA “Hall of Fame”.

  Don Bigler, Western Trustee
Craig Van Kessel

Craig Van Kessel has volunteered with the Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA) for the last 14 years. He became involved when a GI buddy from the Army lost his leg and told him about the Association. His friend passed away several years ago but Craig stuck with his commitment to the golfers. He was made a life time member of WAGA in 1997 and two years later was made a life time member of the National Amputee Golf Association. (NAGA).
He is the only non-amputee ever to serve on the Board of Directors for WAGA (non voting position) where he is currently the Director of Public Relations.
Craig created a character named "Captain America" in 1998 and he and "The Captain" traveled to England twice, Scotland and Australia twice as well to several National Tourneys around the United States. His last trip "Down Under" was to Adelaide Australia in 2009. At all these tournaments Captain America is there to help the golfers in any way he can and also assit the local media locating golfers of interest and with unique stories.
In August 2010, Craig was named the US Ambassador for the South Australian Amputee Golf Association by their President Gary Hart and spoke on their behalf at the 2010 National Amputee Golf Association's National Tournament held in September 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Craig although not an amputee is 100% disabled from a series of health problems. He is also a proud veteran who served our country from 1969 - 1977.

  Kim Moore, Midwestern Trustee
Kim Moore

Kim Moore has been an amputee all of her life; born with a congenital birth defect, which left her without a right foot and a clubbed left foot. She was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, IN and resides in Indianapolis, IN. She has been a sports enthusiast all of her life and at the age of 15 she picked up a golf club for the first time. Kim played high school golf, collegiate golf at the University of Indianapolis, and professional golf on the Futures Tour. She is currently a PGA professional and works as the Director of Instruction for SRT Prosthetics, where she specializes teaching golf to people with disabilities. Kim has been a NAGA member since 2003. Since playing in her first US National Amputee Championship in 2003, she has accumulated 10 consecutive titles. She has won the Canadian Disabled Open in 2003 and also the Japan Open in 2005. Kim has been selected 9 times to the US Team during the US/International College Park Cup. She was the US Captain in 2009. In 2012 she was selected to be on the Advisory Board for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. She is very active in her local amputee community and has been part of a few First Swing clinics in her area.

  Toby Plasencio
Phone: (817)-602-6494



Jim McElhiney
Cell: (615)-943-5836

Martin Ebel, Legal Representative Martin Ebel
Legal Representative
Phone: (508)-460-5136

Martin S. (“Marty”) Ebel lost both his legs above the knee in 1983 as a result of an accident while operating a front-end loader.  He has been active in the NAGA for a number of years as an instructor in its First Swing and Learn to Golf Programs.  Marty first joined NAGA in the late 1980s and has been a member of the Eastern Amputee Golf Association since the early 1990s.  Marty, his wife Michelle and daughter Jackie live in Massachusetts, where Marty practices employment and discrimination law.

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