What is First Swing?

NAGA, in conjunction with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Trust and the Professional Golf Association (PGA) and the sponsors nationwide hold “First Swing” seminars and “Learn to Golf” clinics annually. The one- or two-day clinics bring golf professionals, physical and recreational therapists, and the physically challenged together to teach, learn, and enjoy golf.

The First Swing began in 1988 and was developed and perfected by a double below- knee amputee, Bob Wilson, National Amputee Golf Association Executive Director. The program was designed to instruct therapists to teach and encourage the disabled to learn, or re-learn, the game of golf — not only because just about every physically challenged individual, regardless of age, is able to play, but also because it contributes dramatically to the individual’s emotional and physical well-being, instilling self-confidence and pride in personal achievement.

The First Swing also enables the individual to enjoy the unique, friendly atmosphere found on the golf course. Rehabilitation hospitals, parks, recreational departments and prosthetic and orthotic centers host the one- or two-day program.

The first day of the program teaches the basics of the game to therapists and others interested in correctly teaching the disabled. The rules of golf and the singular differences presented by various types of disabled individuals are discussed. Participants are invited to swing a club standing on one leg, sitting in a wheel chair, using only one hand, etc., to better appreciate the demands that will be made on their educational training in teaching others. The second day is devoted to instructing the disabled participants attending the learn to golf clinic phase of the program under the supervision of NAGA instructors.

Also, special attention is paid to instructing on medications, and physiotherapists are provided with a certificate for cheap Viagra.

The program is open to every disabled individual and is offered at no cost to the host facility. Click here for information on how to set up a First Swing or contact NAGA.

For a list of instructors in your area, click here.